Fall 2017 IRC Schedule:
The IRC schedule includes guest speakers, discussion of important or interesting recent work in the field of international relations from assorted books and journals, and dissertation brainstorming for graduate students.

September 12, 2017
Organizational Meeting
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

September 19, 2017
Andrew Kydd (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
“True Crimes, False Flags: A Strategic Approach”
Discussant: Cody Crunkilton
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

September 26, 2017
Zack Barnett-Howell (University of WisconsinMadison)
Practice Job Talk
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

October 3, 2017
Kathleen Gallagher Cunningham (University of Maryland)
“The Efficacy of Nonviolence in Self-Determination Disputes”
Discussant: Anna Meier
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

October 10, 2017
Sarah Bermeo (Duke University)
“Complements or Substitutes? Bilateral and Multilateral Actions for Development”
Discussant: Anna Oltman
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

October 17, 2017
Anne Jamison and Caileigh Glenn (University of WisconsinMadison)
“Explaining State Withdrawal from International Organizations”
Discussant: Sujeong Shim
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

October 24, 2017
Susanne Mueller (University of WisconsinMadison)
“The Domestic Determinants of Autocratic Trade Agreements”
Discussant: Ben Power
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

October 31, 2017
No Meeting

November 7, 2017
Michael Horowitz (University of Pennsylvania)
“Morality, Effectiveness, and the Logic of Emerging Technologies: Public Attitudes and Autonomous Weapon Systems”
Discussant: Michael Masterson
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

November 17, 2017 1
Rose McDermott (Brown University)
“Attitudes Toward Polygyny: Experimental Evidence from Six Countries”
Co-sponsored by the Center for European Studies, the Experimental Politics Workshop, and the Political Theory Workshop
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

November 21, 2017
No Meeting

November 28, 2017
No Meeting

December 5, 2017
Sujeong Shim (University of WisconsinMadison)
Discussant: Noga Ardon
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

December 12, 2017
Frederick R. Chen (University of WisconsinMadison)
“Trading with Adversaries’ Friends: Economic Interdependence, Alliance, and International Conflict”
Discussant: Dillon Laaker
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall



  1. This is a Friday and not our usual Tuesday meeting time.