Spring 2018 IRC Schedule:
The IRC schedule includes guest speakers, discussion of important or interesting recent work in the field of international relations from assorted books and journals, and dissertation brainstorming for graduate students.

January 23, 2018
Anna Meier (University of WisconsinMadison)
“Vindicating Violence: Norms, Discourse, and Participation in Counterhegemonic Resistance”
Discussant: Anna Oltman
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

January 30, 2018
Emily Ritter (University of California, Merced)
“Updating and Uprising: Dissent, Repression, and Domestic Perceptions of Government Legitimacy”
Discussant: Susanne Mueller
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

February 13, 2018
Anna Oltman (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
“Protection and Evasion: Explaining Efforts to Deter Asylum-Seekers”
Discussant: Caileigh Glenn
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

February 20, 2018
Frederick Chen and Jon Pevehouse (University of Wisconsin–Madison) and Ryan Powers (Yale)
“Geopolitics and Trade Policy Preferences”
Discussant: Micah Dillard
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

February 27, 2018
Jason Yackee (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
“Investor-State Dispute Settlement at the Dawn of International Investment Law: France. Mauritania, and the Nationalization of the MIFERMA Iron Ore Operations”
Discussant: Noga Ardon
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

March 6, 2018
Jordan Branch (Brown)
Discussant: Thomas Worth
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

March 13, 2018
Michael Masterson (University of Wisconsin–Madison)
Discussant: Frederick Chen
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

March 20, 2018
Morgan Kaplan (Northwestern)
Discussant: Anne Jamison
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

March 27, 2018
No IRC (spring break)

April 3, 2018

April 10, 2018
Lars-Erik Cederman (ETH–Zürich)
Discussant: Rachel Jacobs
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

April 17, 2018
Stephen Chaudoin (UIUC)
Discussant: Dillon Laaker
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

April 24, 2018
Thomas Zeitzoff (American University)
Co-sponsored by the Experimental Politics Workshop
Discussant: Michael Masterson
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall

May 1, 2018
Erin Jenne (Central European University)
Discussant: Andrew McWard
12:00 pm, 422 North Hall